When label giant Avang Music gave IDIN the chance to work on his own original album in 2003, IDIN relished the opportunity. Since then, 6 successful studio albums have been released.


   "The Voice" (label: Avang Music) released in the fall of 2004, which won Iran international recognition out of 26 countries at the Asian International Song Festival, in Goa, India, winning Iran first place with his hit song, "Dooset Daram".


   "Guess" (label: Avang Music) released in 2007 which included hit songs such as "Yadam Toro Faramoosh", "Hads Bezan", "Yeckie Nist" and "Iran".


   "Revolution" (label: Taraneh Records) released in 2010 was inspired by an underground movement, a movement towards more freedom in Iran, giving a strong voice to the new generation. Hits off this album included "Hamvatan", "Fauteheh Sahneh", "Yadam Midi", "Dooroogh", "Shab Nameh" and "Enghelab" just to name a few.


  "The Remix" (label: Taraneh Records) was released in 2013 featuring 2 new dance pop anthems "Harchi Toh Begie" and "Az Kee Behporsam" along with ground breaking remixes of some of his mega hits.


   "Unstoppable": A Decade of Hits" (label: Avang Music) was released in 2015 featuring 2 new songs "Bargard" and "Eshareh" along with 15 of IDIN's biggest hits through the years. An era that changed and elevated Persian pop music.


   "City of No Angels" (label: Avang Music) released in 2017 quickly rose to the top of the charts, full of vocal muscle and over the top production that strives to embrace complexity. On power-pop anthems "Hamdard" and "Delam Tangeh" he longs for his past love, exposing his weaknesses with otherworldly vocal strength. Along with other hits like "Kojaie" and "Ghezavat", IDIN proves to be an unstoppable pop force in the Persian music scene.


Avang Music, the largest and most well respected record label, states: "Idin is truly a unique and pioneering force in the Persian music industry."   Taraneh Records, another widely respected Persian record label also stated: "Idin has no competition and continues to elevate Persian pop music for a new generation."


"I thank and respect all the Persian singers who have helped keep Iran's music alive to date, and allowed young singers like myself, with a new spin on Persian music, to express ourselves and take Persian music to a new generation. My goal is to create music that all cultures and nationalities can listen to and enjoy regardless of the language barrier. In my opinion good music doesn't have to be in a language you understand, it simply has to move you and emotionally touch you. My music may not be for anyone, or it might be for everyone…time will tell." -Idin


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